CRRC's Media Response to the Recycling Markets Crisis

This Media Kit is designed to:

  • Educate your cities, counties, LEAs, etc. about the financial impacts of the markets crisis and the likelihood of necessary rate increases
  • Educate state and local governments on the need to incentivize domestic market/infrastructure development

This Media Kit is available to you and the public so that you can share it with your jurisdictions about the reality of the Recycling Markets crisis. We've been hearing from our members that many cities and counties are unsure about the magnitude of the crisis. This Media Kit will give you the back-up you need, as the resources on the page will continue to be built on a daily basis from all of the press (TV, newspaper, radio, social media) that is being generated.

Our talking points, and yours as well, include:

  • China National Sword and the impact on markets
  • The true cost of recycling and the cost per household (what once was a funding stream to offset rates is now a cost)
  • Education to address contamination to residents (keep recycling items in your recycling cart – but clean up the stream)

Check back here on a regular basis. If you are meeting with press, be sure to send them here as well.

Click link to view video, audio or article.

Please email to add media links from all sources.

6/15/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - SWANA Provides Update on Impact of China's Waste Import Restrictions on Recycling Programs

6/14/18: Voice of San Diego - San Diego Explained: Why Your Trash Bill Could Go Up

6/12/18: Resource - China Roundup: CCIC Update, Intense Inspections and More

6/12/18: Resource - Exporter Describes Southeast Asian Shipment Strife

6/12/18: Resource - Mixed News in Baled Recyclables Markets

6/11/18: Bloomberg (Audio) - Recycling, The Crisis After China's 'No'

6/11/18: - Kent County, Mich., Considers Doubling the Cost of Recycling

6/9/18: MLive Michigan - China's 'foreign garbage' fight causes Kent County $1 million shortfall

6/8/18: USA Today - Blue Bins Overflow with Amazon and Walmart Boxes. But We're Actually Recycling Less

6/8/18: VOA News - China Trash Ban Creates Crisus for US Recyclers

6/4/18: Napa Valley Register - Napa, so far, keeps up recycling sales, despits vanishing Chinese market

6/1/18: Voice of San Diego - Much of San Diego's Trash Goes to China and Now China Doesn't Want It

6/1/18: - Who Killed Recycling? The Harm to Recycling Has Been Inflicted by Recycling's Friends, Not its Enemies

6/1/18: - New Chinese Environmental Policy Hits Vermont Recycling Programs - Paying $57/ton to Move Paper

5/30/18: Resource -  China faces 'staggering' shortfall in recovered fiber supply

5/30/18: Resource - Why Vietnam is Shutting Out Some Materials

5/30/18: - Nine Dragons to Acquire 2 US Paper Mills for $175M

5/29/18: - China Ban Prompts Oregon County to Suspend Recycling Program

5/29/18: DQED News (Radio): Fears Grow Among Central Valley Recyclers as China Denies U.S. Recyclables

5/29/18: The New York Times - Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

5/26/18: - Trash Trouble

5/26/18: Los Angeles Times - California Has a Recycling Crisis. The Only Way to Solve It Is To Stop Making So Much Trash

5/24/18: Berg Mill Supply - Is Recycling's Future Headed Toward the Trash?

5/24/18: Berg Mill Supply - RCP Import Block Causes Commotion in Supply Chain

5/24/18: - Vietnam to temporarily stop accepting scrap plastic imports

5/22/18: Resource - CCIC Inspections Resume and other National Sword Updates

5/22/18: Resource - ISRI: Tariffs Would "Irreparably" Harm Recycling Industry

5/19/18: 1 News (Video): Just south of Thames is this mind bogglingly massice city of plastic...

5/19/18: — NRC: China's import ban exposed poor US recycling practices

5/19/18: - NRC Calls for U.S. Recycling Improvements Amid China Crackdown

5/18/18: Argus Courier - As Recycling Gets More Challenging, Petaluma Garbage Rates Go Up

5/17/18: KRON 4 (Video) - California's Recycling Crisis

5/16/18: 13 CBS Sacramento (Video) - Recycling Contamination Has California Sorting Out Solutions

5/16/18: CBS SF Bay Area/KPIX (Video) - Recycling Industry Reeling From Tough New China Standards

5/15/18: Valley Public Radio/NPR for Central California (Audio) - Fears Grow Among Valley Recyclers as China Denies U.S. Recyclables

5/15/18: Resource Recycling - China ban collides with Calif. diversion requirements

5/14/18: Business Insider DE - The American Recycling System is on the Verge of Breaking Down, and it Could Mean Higher Costs for Homeowners

5/14/18: NZ Herald - Piles of recyclables mount in wake of China's waste ban

5/13/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Recycling, Once Embraced by Businesses and Environmentalists, Now Under Siege

5/7/18: - China Suspends All U.S. Scrap Imports for One Month

4/24/18: Resource Recycling - China's ban hits additional materials

4/24/18: Berg Mill Supply Co. - Is Recycling's Future Headed Toward the Trash?

4/20/18: CNN Money — China refuses to recycle more of the world's trash

4/20/18: - Industry Associations Respond to China's Expanded Waste Import Ban

4/20/18: - Waste Management Feels Impact of China's Contamination Standard, Import Ban in Q1 2018

4/20/18: - China Announces Import Ban on an Additional 32 Scrap Materials

4/16/18: - Could Standardized Recycling Labels Be the Solution to Overcoming the Industry's China Ban Woes?

4/3/18: Waste Management - The Battle Against Recycling Contamination is Everyone's Battle

3/28/18: CBS News (Video) - Without China, What's Happening to the World's Waste? | The Question

3/27/18: Opinion: California shouldn't throw away recycling opportunity

3/27/18: - Wish-Cycling: The Tough Business of Cleaning Up What's In that Blue Bin

1/23/18: CalRecycle Discussion of National Sword (Video)

1/22/18: CGTN America (Video) - Joe Pickard Explains China's Ban on Plastic Waste Imports

1/2/18: BBC News (Video) - Why China Doesn't Want Your Waste Anymore

1/2/18: NEW News (Video) - Mountains of US Recycling Pile Up as China Restricts Imports

10/26/17: ANJR (Video) - China's National Sword About to Fall on U.S. Recyclers

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