CRRC North Membership

CRRC's by-laws prescribe the membership application process. They require that all members be voted in by a majority vote of our Board of Directors. Your application should include a sponsor from a qualified Industry Member. If you are a member of the Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA), or the Washington Refuse & Recycling Association (WRRA), a letter from their President or Executive Director is sufficient.

Dues for Industry Members are based on either the residential population of your service area, or your gross revenue. Dues for Associate Members are assessed as a flat, annual fee. Dues are invoiced annually, in December of each year.

The Board of Directors acts on all membership applications. The by-laws require that all applications be noticed and read at two consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors. Upon conclusion of the reading at the second meeting, a vote is taken to consider the application. For more information, or to request an Application for Membership, please e-mail your request to: We appreciate your interest and look forward to talking more with you about membership, and how you can benefit from the Association.

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